Our History

Green Hills Pre-school was founded in 1968. Today it is privately owned and operated by Angelo and Patti Aguiar, who, as credentialed teachers and administrators, have been educating children for over forty years.

Since 1979, the Aguiars have provided educational services to more than 1500 families at Green Hills. They have been operating at the Los Gatos campus since it opened in 1968.

Our Logo

The school was founded by ….parents, Lavert and Charles Elkins. They felt grateful and fortunate to be able start their own school and they named it after the beauty of its location which had a view of the foothills. This while loosely referencing their favorite bible verse. (what was the bible verse)

When the Aguiar’s took over the operation of the school they wanted to update the logo, but once they did a little more research, they discovered some unusual conincidences and decided to keep it the same.

Patti found out that her Fathers’ surname translated from Finnish to English means “grassy hill”. Angelo’s mother had a somewhat “Old Country” superstitious belief that butterflies were like angels, if they came near you…you were blessed. In tribute to the both of them the butterfly floats above the green hills, which is illustrated in the current logo.