About Green Hills


Green Hills Pre-School was founded in 1968. In the early years classes were held in our main building as a part day program for 36 children and is now expanded to 3 buildings and up to 79 students per day, Serving up to 115 families each year.

Privately owned and operated by Angelo and Patti Aguiar, who, as credentialed teachers and administrators, have been educating children for over forty years. Since 1979, the Aguiars have provided educational services to more than 1500 families at Green Hills. They have been operating at the Los Gatos campus since it opened in 1968.

Our Staff

Director, Lauren Kuehn

Lauren Kuehn, the Aguiar’s eldest child began teaching at Green Hills in 1984 and now functions as the Program Director. While living on campus at a nearby college, she recalls that first day when her mother called her and begged for an emergency substitute teacher to help when a bunch of teachers were out with the flu. It was scary and fun at the same time, so she changed colleges, her major and found her calling. After getting married and having a daughter she later attended Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, known for its excellence in educating early childhood educators. Lauren still finds it fun to go to work every day and loves working with the children, their families and the staff.


Our early childhood educated teachers are chosen not just for their education and experience but also for their warmth and outstanding abilities in interacting with young children and their families. Our teachers interact with the children in a thoughtful, positive manner. Our teaching staff is a team of enthusiastic and supportive adults who are skilled at tracking and stimulating each child's levels of development.

Each teacher participates in a continuous program of in-service education where current research is made available for professional development. Our staff is interested in the ever-changing needs of today's children and their families. Our teachers and substitutes have been fingerprinted and have criminal record clearances as well as negative TB clearances on file.

CPR & Pediatric First Aid certified & Disease Prevention Trained staff are on site at all times.

Our Logo

The school was founded in 1968 by, Lavert and Charles Elkins. They felt grateful and fortunate to be able start their own school so they named it after the beauty of its surroundings featuring a view of the foothills, while also loosely referencing a favorite bible verse.

One of the reasons the Aguiar’s decided that purchasing Green Hills in 1979 was a wise investment for their combined inheritances from their own parents was an unusual coincidence, kismet if you will. Patti was reminded that her Fathers’ surname translated from Finnish to English means “grassy hill”. When it came to updating the original logo Patti knew she wanted a design that would also honor Angelo’s mother. She had a somewhat “Old Country” superstitious belief that butterflies were like angels, if they came near you…you were blessed. In tribute to the both of them the butterfly floats above the grassy, green hills, which are illustrated in the current logo.